Monday, February 15, 2010

Crafty Birds - Making Snowmen/girls out of Cotton Wool

Last week the girls were so sad that their real snowman melted. Today we decided to make snowmen that would always be here...

Plastic juice bottles
Large cotton wool balls
Felt (we used left-over felted wool sweaters)
Paint brush
A kid or two

Step 1: Fill bottle with an inch of dry rice and replace cap.

Step 2: Paint bottle with a generous amount of glue.

Step 3: Unroll cotton balls and cover bottle.

Step 4: Cut out a scarf, a carrot, 2 hats, and 7 stones (per snowman).

Step 5: Glue hat together.

Step 6: Glue hat, scarf, eyes, nose and mouth onto snowman.

I think they look like an old married couple, but the girls insist that they are twin snowgirls. So sweet.


  1. This snowmen are sooo fun and beutiful! I love them! I take this idea to my work tomorrow!! Thank you!

    /Miaa in Sweden

  2. How cute are those? Say, you should put the year on the underside of the bottle with permanent marker so the girls will remember when they were 'born'!

  3. Those are way, WAY cute! I just clicked over from the Crafty Crow and I'm so glad I did. I would love to link to this project if you didn't mind.

  4. LOL...oh my, this "snowcouple" made me giggle! Really, how stinkin' cute! We had a white Christmas here in Nashville, TN...the tot and i may have to make these for that event!

    btw, i found you via The Crafty her!