Thursday, September 10, 2009

Crafty Birds - Watercolor Painting and Tissue Paper

I was inspired by an art project over at The Artful Parent and wanted to try it with the girls.

The idea is simple - the kids glued tissue paper and then painted over it.

Nola and Kira LOVED playing with the glue - Kira put a little dab in each corner.

Then the girls continued gluing and started sticking (they took their work very seriously).
When it came time for paint, neither girl wanted to paint over their beautiful creations. We got new paper and a funny thing happened...
Nola started to paint with her mouth. Pretty soon, both girls were painting using only their mouths.
This mouth painting by Nola is one of my very favorite.

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  1. Helen, I absolutely adore these craft projects and want to try them with my girls. What fun! Nola's "mouth painting" (hee hee, the funny things that toddlers come up with) is absolutely beautiful - I'd frame that one!