Friday, September 25, 2009

Crafty Birds - Making a Scarecrow out of Repurposed Materials

As soon as we saw the scarecrows at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens, both the girls and I knew we had to make our own...

Materials - all repurposed
Wooden stake and stick
Burlap rice bag
Old clothes - trousers and top
Hat (with elastic to keep wig on)
Plastic bags (I'm not proud that I have these, but somethimes I forget to take my cloth ones)
Permanent markers

Step 1: Use a wooden stake for the vertical support and tie and small stick on horizontally for the arms.

Step 2: For the head - turn a burlap rice bag inside out, cut off zipper, and fill with plastic grocery bags.

Step 3: Dress scarecrow with shirt and attach stuffed rice-bag head with string.

Step 4: To hold trousers up - make suspenders by attaching string to belt loops.

Step 5: Stuff trousers with plastic bags and tie the ankles with string.

Step 6: Add wing, hat and draw a face.

Step 7: Drive scarecrow into the ground and decorate with flowers.

This is by far our favorite project yet!

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