Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School Slippers

Yesterday we celebrated the girls' first day of Waldorf pre-school. The girls did great, but Eric and I were a nervous wreck.

I'm not sure if I made these slippers (here is the pattern) for the girls or for a mummy who needed to send her babes off surrounded by the comforts of home. I'm not sure if my story (that each little hand-stitch was a mummy hug) was for them or me.

I watched these sweet girls of mine, with slippers in tow, dance off into class and not look back. And I picked up hot, tired and very happy girls - who felt their mummy hugs all morning long.

Yes, it was good day at school.


  1. Oh, Helen! These are so beautiful! I'm sure the love you stitched in is warming them all day long! Waldorf schools are great places to start from, so don't worry too much :-)

  2. these are so adorable!!!

  3. Beautiful! I admire you for doing these special things for your daughters.