Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Childrens' Sewing Project: Snuggle Cushion

The girls and I have begun to sew together. We have done a lot of embroidery together, but this was our first real sewing project. We were going to make pincushions, but the project quickly became something very different and a lot more personal...

The girls made snuggle cushions... an extra special cushion on which they drew a picture of Mummy and Daddy to feel our cuddles all night long. We are all enjoying the snuggle cushion as they have slept very well since making them!


  1. Oh, my gosh! Those curls! That dress! That intense concentration as she puts that heart inside! Too cute.

  2. that's so sweet. i would like to start sewing with my boy too. are those normal needles your girls are using?

  3. The girls started sewing about a year ago with burlap stretched over embroidery hoops. We used darning needles as they were the biggest and bluntest needles I could find.

    Now we use large embroidery needles, floss and felt.