Thursday, October 22, 2009

Crafty Birds - Making Trees out of Toilet Rolls

We made these sweet autum trees out of toilet paper rolls, burlap, and dried leaves.

Toilet paper rolls
Dried leaves
Card stock
Elmer's Glue
Paint brush

Step 1: Draw the tree top on green card stock.

Step 2: With Elmer's Glue attach leaves - let dry

Step 3: Cut burlap to fit the toilet paper roll and attach with Elmer's Glue

Step 4: Let dry and have lunch

Step 5: Cut 2 slits in the burlap-covered toilet paper roll and attach tree top to trunk

Step 6: Cut out tree animals on card stock (we used squirrels and hedgehog)

Step 7: Glue animals on tree

Step 8: Play!

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