Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our First Crop

I have dreamt of gardening with the girls since I first found out that I was pregnant. Not that I have ever gardened before, I just loved the idea of growing things - babies and veggies.

Last year Eric secretly cleared a space and planted herbs for my birthday - very loving as it was July and 100 degrees out. Only the rosemary survived.

This year we did a lot better. The girls and I planted more herbs as well as tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and peppers. The squash was doing very well, but rotted at the root and died (any tips on what might have gone wrong are appreciated...) Everything else is still alive and growing.

We were all very excited to harvest our first cucumber. We brought it in, cut it up, and munched on it all afternoon.

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  1. Our squash is in dire straights too. The leaves are full of white spots and there are no flowers. Tricky stuff, that squash.