Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Crafty Birds - The Cutest Robots Ever!

The girls have become master robot makers - they want to make robots and take them to Eric's work. As a result, Eric's office is fast becoming a sweet gallery of the girls' developing creativity. The robots we make really go quite well with the robots he makes.
Here are Kira and Nola's cutest robots...

Materials Needed:
Cardboard Boxes
Decorations (we used pipe cleaners, buttons, shiny paper, lolly pop sticks, cupcake papers, and tissue paper)

We tapped the box shut and used the glue to stick the foil to the box. We then taped the rough edges of the foil down because these girls LOVE tape!

Next we decorated the robots to our heart's content.

The girls made the following:
Curly hair (of course) with pipe cleaners and tissue paper
Ears with cupcake papers
Eyes with buttons and shiny paper
Feet with lolly pop sticks

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